About ME


My first acquaintance with the camera began on television studio of Kiev channel, where I have worked as an illuminator for the first time. Then, working in tandem with the operators, I realized that it inspired me. Gradually mastering a new craft, I realized that photography and filming are my way. At the moment I have extensive experience as a professional photographer. This allows me to catch unique moments from people life in the frame of my camera.

I am constantly growing and developing, I have worked in various genres of photo and video shooting for a few years: shooting in the studio using constant and pulsed light, working with natural light, wedding photography and videography, reportage shooting, individual shooting and creating a portfolio, model Tests, photos and video reports of various events, advertising and creative photography.

I try not to sit still and study new aspects of photo, video and its processing methods.
In regard to my profession, I try not to single out my favorite genre, but fill with life colors, charisma and emotions each of them in which I work.
After all, our life consists just of the rage of colors, emotions and moments that will never happen again !!!

It is necessary to catch every moment !!!

Today, I work with the team of creative professionals, with whom I can implement projects of any complexity! We can come up an incredible project with a clean sheet and bring it to life, creating together unique and especial content in any direction and genre!

Contact me and you will get a unique opportunity to use the extraordinary resources of the creative team, or me as a single person — depending on your desires!

I hope to see you soon!

Call me: +380 68 967 14 88

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